Collection of Lifestyle Worksheets by Shane Trotter

Collection of Lifestyle Worksheets

What's included?


What's included

Creating Your Willpower Training Protocol Worksheet

Willpower is a muscle. Just as we intentionally and progressively train our muscles, we can create an individualized plan to build greater willpower and resiliency....

Inspired Lifestyle Planning Worksheet

Actions are rooted in habits. To be productive we must clarify what matters most, create habits and procedures, and establish boundaries. To make changes we...

The Only Diet that Works Worksheet

Learn everything you need to know to create sustainable nutritional change that seamlessly intertwines with your life for simple, consistent results.

The Purpose and Mission Worksheet

Inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment follow right action. The secret to sustainable action is purpose. This is something we all have to find for ourselves. Let...

Your Financial Picture Worksheet

The difference between financial freedom and constant financial anxiety can be as simple as a little planning and a few basic understandings. Here is the...

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