The Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle Course by Shane Trotter

The Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle Course

What's included?

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Foundation of Health Intro.mp4
18 mins
Introduction: Why They Fail. How to Thrive!
Physical Health
Foundations of Health 1 Physical.mp4
25 mins
Foundations of Sustainable Fitness
Foundation Health Lesson 1 Circuit.mp4
3 mins
Nutrition for Vitality
Nutrition Pre-Questions
Foundation Health 2 Nutrition.mp4
35 mins
Foundations of Sustainable Nutrition
The Only Diet That Works Worksheet .pdf
189 KB
Mental Health: Programming the World's Most Advanced Computer
Mindfulness Activity.mp4
9 mins
Foundation of Health 3 Mental.mp4
39 mins
Essential Resources for understanding & Creating Mental Health
Advanced Health Strategies
Cracking the Sleep Code
Foundation of Health 4 Adv..mp4
19 mins
Course Review

We write and produce inspired lifestyle courses to promote an uncommon path of creativity, strength, and purpose in the pursuit of a meaningful life. We challenge the cultural norms entrenching human degradation and limited living, while striving towards truth and the principles of human thriving.